Sports betting is considered one of the oldest forms of gambling and with the advent of internet bookmakers, the affair has become quite convenient. There are however various restrictions that continue to hurdle the industry. The most significant development came in the early 20th century when the sports industry started gaining momentum, but with the advancing war, the economy took a direct hit. Soon after the war ended, the casino and sports betting industry started gaining acceptance in the business. With the positive representation and the legalization, the industry became somewhat mainstream.


We can’t establish any random date in history as the growth or birth of the industry. The betting industry grew eventually and as the activity took the dominant ground, the platforms started lobbying for the legislation and legality. Even though offline betting has been around for a long time, the online industry made its debut in 1996. The game between Tottenham Hotspur and Hereford United in 1996 is recorded to be the first soccer match where an online wager was placed. This set the first milestone in the history of online sports betting and a wager of $50 that was placed on the game became etched in the story.



The 1990s was a time when most of the online industry was making inroads in the mainstream, and the gambling houses and bookmakers advanced on the opportunity. Soon after the first online betting affair, the windows of opportunity opened. You could now place a wager on the game irrespective of the place of your origin. With the advancements in technology and faster processing, billions of people wager today and most of this growth can be attributed to the initial days of online sports betting where the industry suffered from the lack of resources and public perception.


In the beginning, there weren’t many regulations for the industry and that was one of the concerns of the gamblers, but as soon as the activity took off and started making serious developments, the need for the legislation arose. Even though there were legit sites that were offering the services, the space for doubt was always there. To make sure that the industry is brought within the ambit of the law and promote legit betting, the regulations were brought in. This gave the gamblers clarity and above all, they were assured that they weren’t breaking any law. AS of now, there are plenty of sports betting sites that offer you the services and despite that, you may hesitate if you are a beginner, there are government sites where you can check their license and regularity within seconds.

Sports sites:

Given that there are plenty of sites in the market, the competition has increased and with the growing demands, the platforms are on a mission to create a unique and favorable image among the audience. It is normal to see the industry’s offering bonuses, comps, and promotional offers on gambling.


The transition in the industry has been revolutionary and with the adoption of new technological advancements, the sports betting industry is continuously changing. The odds are much better and bonuses help you to stay ahead of the game. If you know your steps, the affair is much easier now.


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