The year 2020 has been one of the worst years in this decade. The world never saw this pandemic coming at all, and it has enveloped the planet. It has reached every corner of the globe. The coronavirus pandemic has ruined the lives of millions of people and claimed the lives of so many people around the world. As of November 2020, there have been 50 million cases of coronavirus patients. There have also been almost 1,000,000 deaths. The statistics do not actually count the individuals who happened to be asymptomatic.

Gambling And Sports Gambling In A Pandemic

There have been millions of people who are asymptomatic, and these people have the virus in their bodies, but are leading regular lives. The number I stated above are obviously estimates, because you cannot exactly test 8 billion people around the world. The world has completely changed in the last year, and there are two vaccines which are created. It is illegal to step outside your houses without a mask on your face. Everyone is also prompted to wash their hands every single day, every single time they step out of their houses. The world has gone upside down because of this pandemic and most casinos and betting arenas have also been shut down.

Even amidst a pandemic, people have been carrying out betting activities. The year 2020 was actually supposed to be the year where sports betting exploded exponentially. The pandemic stopped that from happening. The economy also tanked, and most of the major sporting events were all cancelled, all across the planet. Some states started to lose in the pandemic restrictions, since we are already nine months into the pandemic. Businesses have also started to open because they cannot afford to stay shut any longer. A lot of states have actually been waiting for sports gambling legislation so that they can bolster the economy and also normalise the activities, which many people are participating in, in an illegal manner.

Well, as you can imagine, people have been inside their houses with their credit cards and also access to the internet, which makes it very easy for them to access gambling sites and place bets. Gambling activities and sports gambling have actually reached an all-time high, because of the fact that people have been able to access online casino sites. Live sports gambling has actually halted, because most of the sporting activities were either cancelled or postponed.

The state senators in the state of California have actually announced that they are lobbying to put in a constitutional amendment in the month of November, in the elections to legalise sports betting. Betting activities actually act as fuel for the economy, since they bring in a lot of money.


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