From the Stands

A collaborative project from OWT Creative, SPIEL, The National Football Museum and members of the public at the museum's State of the Zine event.

As featured in the Guardian's Beautiful Games series.

From the Stands is a fanzine about fanzines. Created by OWT, The National Football Museum and SPIEL and with contributions from some of the countries most respected fanzine writers, From the Stands is an exploration of the history and current status of football fanzine culture.

Football fanzines have been around since the early 1970's and have shaped much of the way we think about fan culture. At a time when many fanzines are leaving print, From the Stands is a celebration and examination of what football zines mean to fans.

From the Stands also contains artwork which emerged from The National Football Museum's celebration of the football fanzine: State of the Zine.

From the Stands is available from The National Football Museum store online at